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Virgin Media Shorts, Mediargh Q&A and more

Welcome back!
This is my first blog post in probably over a year, not because nothing been happening but more like because too much has been happening! Where to start...?
First of all, here's a wee video I shot that was entered into the Virgin Media short film competition: http://www.virginmediashorts.co.uk/film/4971/blink#.UhJCfZIiGWb 
Quite proud of it and I shall perhaps do a lighting set up post as I've before with the film I did last year, “Intern” (read that here). The results of the competition are not announced until some time in September so look out for another blog post to find out how we did.
I recently completed a Q&A with the excellent media jobs website Mediargh which can be seen here:
If you don't know about the site, Mediargh is a great resource to anyone looking for help and advice getting into media industries as well as for people already working in the creative arts. New jobs are posted on a near daily basis and unlike similar sites who charge for employer contact information, Mediargh is 100% free.
That's all from me for now – up next, the results and my thoughts on a wee ND test I did this week!
Virgin Media Shorts, Mediargh Q&A and more

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